Restore Point: Witness A Terrifying New Future

RESTORE POINT arrives on U.S. VOD on February 8th via XYZ Films! Check out the mind-melting trailer below!

Moviehooker is excited to share with you the official press release for the new Czech sci-fi, Restore Point. This one looks visually stunning and is a mind-bending blend of Blade Runner and Black Mirror all set in a terrifying new future that may not be too far away.


A stunning, acclaimed debut feature from writer/director Robert Hloz, Restore Point marks the Czech Republic’s first science fiction film in 40 years – and is packed to the brim with stunning visual effects that Screen International calls “a phenomenal and inventive piece of world-building” and Variety hails as “an impressively slick Czech sci-fi thriller [that’s] ready for the big time!”


It’s 2041 and the gaps in social and economic inequality have left the world on the brink. A breakthrough in science has given humanity the ability to bring victims of a violent crime back to life by backing up their brain every two days. This allows an ambitious, young detective the opportunity to solve a case of a murdered couple when the restoration team is able to bring one of them back. 

Check Out The Trailer Below (check below trailer for more new sci-fi releases)

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