The Best K Dramas On Disney Plus – A Moviehooker List

Disney Plus has entered the K Drama playing field

Check out the brand new Moviehooker list. This one features some of the best K Drama series’ available to stream on Disney Plus.


The full season of The Worst Of Evil can now be streamed on Disney Plus. It’s one of the best K Dramas there is. If you are a fan of movies like Infernal Affairs The Departed) then this is a series you will not wanna miss out on.

The Worst Of Evil focuses on undercover cops who are trying to bring down a huge drug ring operating between China, Japan and South Korea. That’s all you need to know. Trust me, this series is so well-written and full of twists and turns, that it will leave you gasping for air.


Choi Min Sik (Old Boy, New World) returns to TV for the first time in over two decades. Big Bet focuses on a wealthy, yet shady businessman and the seediness and corruption involved with the casino business

Obviously, with Min-sik in the leading role, the acting in Big Bet is as good as it gets. Great series although more of a drama than a crime story.


Legendary Japanese director Takashi Miike heads to South Korea to direct this dark serial killer series for Disney Plus.

A man is kidnapped and one of his eyes is removed by organ traffickers. His eye is then transplanted into a serial killer which causes him to suffer from sick visions of the murders the killer is committing.


Moving is a fantastic and unique South Korean superhero series. A mother dedicates her life to protecting her son against a shady organisation sent to hunt down and kill those with special superhero abilities.

You can check out the full season of Moving on Disney Plus – the last episode really sets it up wonderfully for a second season.

That’s it for this list. As always, thanks for reading.


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