New Horror Films You Will Want To Know About Part 1

2023 is the horror gift that keeps on giving. I don’t know how many lists I have been able to write but they just keep coming. Below you will find some more new horror films coming our way soon. And, as always, we have quite a bit of variety, so, something for every horror lover. This is part one of a two-part article.

From Icky Lovecraftian creature features, to new creepy sci-fi and even some festive horror thrown in because…why not?


A new Thai creature feature with serious Lovecraftian vibes. It takes place in a hotel in Thailand where people have to be quarantined due to an unexpected otherworldly visitor. What they don’t know though is that this person is a shapeshifting alien with the ability to take on human form and replicate anyone staying at the hotel.

Ok, so the reviews have been a little shitty for this one. Judging from the trailer though, I think this definitely seems worth checking out. The creature FX look great…in the trailer anyways. On the outside this sounds like a blend Sweet Home with sprinkles of Carpenter’s The Thing.


I am a sucker for a cool poster and that’s what we got with The Beehive. Meteorites have been noticed falling from the sky.

A young girl from a farming family with a love for photography notices something very unusual growing out of some of the trees nearby forest close to her house. The girl and her family are about to face an alien pandemic.


Starring Taylor Scout-Compton, A Creature Was Stirring follows a sister who is looking after her younger sick sibling. Her festive night becomes a living nightmare when unwanted strangers take refuge in her house to hide away from a lethal storm.

This does sound like a premise that has been tried and tested many times. I m hoping there is an actual creature in this to “stir” things up a bit.


A new festive horror film that recently picked up some awards in the festival circuit. Starring Justin Long, Jane Widdop, Jess McLeod and Joel McHale.

The film follows a young woman who managed to save her town from a psychopathic killer. Now, she is depressed and bored with her everyday existence she then finds herself stuck in a parrell universe where learning her worth may be the only key to the town’s survival.


An art restorer accidentally unleashes a curse and a monster that is born from myth and brutal pain when she takes an old painting to a small Italian village fir restoration.


A demented killer dressed as a clown targets a young scream queen actress who recently starred in a horror hit. The killer wants her to play out the final gruelling scene in her horror movie. This time though, there are no special FX or make-up and the screams are very much real.


A morgue technician accidentally reanimates a young dead girl. She then learns that in order for this young girl to remain alive she must be fed biological materials harvested from pregnant women.

That is it fro part one of this list of new horror films. Check back soon for part 2. As always, thanks for reading.


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