5 New K Dramas You’re Going To Want To Know About

Hi, folks, I’m back with a new list of K Dramas. Most of these are upcoming, so, it could be a while until we get to see them. However, we have some great stuff coming and you’re going to know about these beauties before everyone else.

Another list of new K Dramas. It feels I haven’t talked about K Dramas in such a long time. I am happy to hook you all up with these new gems…of course, all of which are darker. Let’s get to it.


An intelligent and promising young police trainee is acing everything in the police academy and looks to have a very bright future in the force. But what people don’t know is that this same guy is prowling the streets at the weekend, dishing out his form of justice to criminals he believes got off with a light sentence.


A cab driver struggling to make ends meet takes an offer from a customer he can’t refuse. A man is offering him $1000 to be driven to the nearest docks. What the cab driver doesn’t know though is that this man is a murderer and plans to stow away on the boat. The mother of the man he murdered is in full pursuit and will stop at nothing until she gets her bloody revenge.


I can’t find a lot of info on this one but it sure sounds like it could be great. A group of school students (Battle Royale style) thinking they’re going on a school field trip get forced into playing deadly Mafia Games.

I have no idea what “mafia games” are but I really can’t wait to find out. Night Has Fallen is a fantastic psychological drama. It seems like it is going to be violent too with a pretty high kill count.


Villain Story follows a lawyer who picks a prisoner at random and takes on their case as a good gesture. He is known for his professionalism but also hides a dark streak that no one has ever seen. A shift in his character takes a dark turn when something makes him flip and becomes the type of person he trained for years to put behind bars.


Two high-school friends short on cash decide to try and pull off a kidnapping. They plan to capture another student from their school, the son of a very wealthy family. What seemed like an easy way to get !-Billion Won now threatens their existence.

That’s it for this list of new K Dramas. As always, thanks for reading.


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