What The Six Survivors Told | Zombie Manga Gets the Series Treatment

A new Japanese zombie series is coming to the small screen. Has South Korea got a new contender for the zombie series top spot?

As much as we love South Korean cinema and its neverending black hole of quality content, we have to admit, that they have been dominating the small screen as well as the big screen. Even now when we talk about zombie series’, South Korea, once again is miles ahead of the rest of the world with the popularity of Kingdom, All Of Us Are Dead

So, it makes me very happy to report that Japan has now entered the undead playing fields. A new zombie horror survival series is headed to our small screens.

The series is called What The Six Survivors Told and is based on a popular Manga “Ikinokotta 6 nin ni Yoru to” by Kazune Yamamoto (ONLY RELEASED IN 2021). The story is set around 6 survivors of a recent zombie apocalypse. We also have very Dawn of the Dead vibes as they choose a shopping mall for their battle with the undead.

As for a plot, I have very little to go on. It ain’t even listed on IMDb yet so proper information is quite hard to find. Anyway, for what it is worth, here’s the official plot for the Manga: As the town is overrun with zombies, six men and women flee to a shopping mall. Having secured safety and food, they become obsessed with… love?!


They really had me excited until the last word “love”. But when I think about it, this could really work. Six young teenagers, all from very different backgrounds and very different personalities. Some will be able to do a lot more than others; have no problem killing zombies, others with still think they’re part human etc. These quick violent actions seem like a must in the zombie apocalypse. However, at the end of the day, they’re still kids. We throw in any sort of romance and it could mean certain death for some of the characters. Who knows, this is just a guess but if someone doesn’t get their own way, they can become overtaken by rage and jealously and have no problem tossing them to the zombies at the first given opportunity. Teenagers can be little A-Holes!.

It is directed by The Midnight Maiden War and Chiwawa director Ken Ninomiya.

We are still waiting on this to air in Japan which means we will be waiting a while to see it. Still, it’s good to know it is coming. You all know where you heard the news first: here on Moviehooker.


You can expect to hear more on What The Six Survivors Told. Stay tuned for more. As always, thanks for reading.

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