Revelations: Yeon-Sang-ho + Alfonso Cuarón team-up For Netflix Thriller

So, here’s a little bit of exciting movie news. Yeon Sang-ho and Alfonso Cuarón are teaming up for a new Netflix thriller called Revelations.

Yeon Sang-ho, the South Korean mastermind behind Train to Busan, Hellbound and The King Of Pigs is teaming up with Children of Men and Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón for a new Netflix thriller titled Revelations and, already, we are SO here for it.

For those of you who don’t know, Sir Sang-ho is also an animator; that is how his filmmaking career got off the ground. His first productions were The Fake and The King Of Pigs, he then went on to make Seoul Station and his live-action debut with Train To Busan.

Years, later, Sang-ho was given the green light from streaming giant Netflix to bring one of his webcomics to life. That webcomic became the epic live-action series horror series Hellbound (which we shall see season 2 very soon & please bring back Yoo Ah-In – he HAS DONE no wrong).

The plot for Revelations centres around a missing persons case, with a pastor and detective each tracking down a kidnapper, driven by different beliefs and motivations. 

As for a release date, well, you’re going to have to check back soon as that is all the information we have for you at the minute.

Before we get to see Revelations, we will get to see Yeon Sang-ho make his English Language debut with a new action horror film titled 35th Street. Just like Revelations, we have very little information to go on but mark this one down, folks, as Appian Way which is owned by Leo DiCaprio is on board to produce Sang-ho’s English-language debut.

DiCaprio is a big fan of Korean cinema and once owned the right to the English-language remake of the South Korean serial killer film, The Chaser (in which he was also going to star in). Just thought I would let you know that info. Even though that project has been dead in the water for a decade, it strengthens the fact that DiCaprio ain’t no stranger when it comes to South Korean talent, and, I’m glad he has taken Yeon Sang-ho under his cinematic production wings!

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