Fantasia Festival Review – Cash Only

Elvis Martini (Nickola Shreli) is in deep-shit. The courts are threatening to foreclose his apartment block, most of his tenants refuse to pay their rent, his wife died in an insurance scam gone wrong (he set fire to a building not knowing that she was still inside). and he had to take his daughter out … Read more

6 Deeply Disturbing Psychological Films

A list of 6 films that disturbed me so much they have a permanent residence in the back of my mind.  Michael Michael is the directorial debut from Austrian filmmaker Markus  Schleinzer. The story of an insurance salesman called Michael. To everyone around him, Michael seems to live a quiet and boring life.What they don’t know is that he … Read more

The Intouchables – Comedy Can’t Get Any Better Than This

THE INTOUCHABLES Driss has just applied for a job as a carer, helping a quadriplegic man called Phillipe. He has no intention of taking the job. All he wants is a signature so he can prove to the welfare office that he’s actively seeking employment. Phillipe is a romantic/poet, he has a great mind but … Read more

10 Upcoming S.Korean Dramas/Thrillers to Watch Out For Part 2

Part 2 of my 10 upcoming S.Korean Dramas/Thrillers to watch out for. For part 1 Click Here. Hope you enjoy it. Angry Painter The film follows two guys called Painter and Driver.  I am not sure if they are cops or are just out for revenge. They spend their days dealing with scum and they are … Read more

10 Upcoming Korean Dramas/Thrillers to Watch Out For Part 1

Untouchable Lawmen is about an FBI profiler called Jung-jin who has been trained by the U.S. He has to travel to S.Korea to team up with a recently graduated, highly skilled detective called Yoo-Min. The two detectives each have their own issues. The profiler has serious anger issues and is more likely to smash your face than … Read more

13 South Korean Revenge Movies Everyone Should See

A list of 13 South Korean revenge movies. We Know That No One Does Revenge Movies Quite Like South Korea.  Hope You Enjoy The List 1: HWAYAI A MONSTER BOY Like most South Korean revenge movies, this is fast, vicious, and brutal. The acting is great, with a memorable performance from the lead character, a … Read more

Trailer For Bølgen (The Wave) Norway’s First Disaster Movie

Although the premise for this movie sounds just like the rest of the disaster movies out there. A geologist loses his family just before a giant freak wave is about to hit a coastal town in Norway. He must overcome overwhelming odds to reach his family and get them to safety. I can guarantee you … Read more

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