The Best Films To Stream On Shudder Part 3

Keeping the Shudder love flowing with part 3 of The Best Films To Stream On Shudder. Please note, this list is for Shudder UK/Ireland

In Part 3 you will be sure to find a lot of great titles


Made during the pandemic in Taiwan, The Sadness tells the story of a violent infection that is making people act on their darkest desires and thoughts.

A lot of people made comparisons to Garth Ennis’, Crossed. They finally aint wrong but believe it or not, Crossed is way more fucked up.

The Sadness is most definitely an extreme offering. Yes, some scenes do cut away and leave the gruesome details up to your imagination but some scenes do the exact opposite and go full-throttle, balls-first into a barbed basketball net pole. Ouch!


Every time I mention this movie I feel the blood begin to boil beneath my skin (I will go into that in detail in my Shudder Part 3 video but I’m coming for you…again, John Wick 3). 

The Villainess is a powerful blood-soaked revenge flick with some of the most impressive action scenes in recent years. The storyline doesn’t offer us anything new but oh boy, we get some amazing ultra-violent action.

The stylish camera work can be nauseating at times but it does a superb job and throwing the action right smack into your face, 


The writer of the South Korean classic I Saw The Devil, Kim Jae-woon was showing horror brilliance years before the Choi Min-sik serial killer film

After getting out of a psychiatric hospital, two sisters start to experience supernatural occurrences in their home that are run by their evil stepmother and father. 


If you’re a regular on Moviehooker and you don’t know what Oldboy is, have you even? been paying attention?

Jailed and confined to a small boxed room with nothing but a television for 15 years for an unknown reason. Oh Dae-Su is released and given 5 days to find out who imprisoned him and more importantly, why?


Some of the most impressive action scenes one could hope as well as some amazing ultraviolence, gore and blood spatter

After appearing in a talent competition on TV, a girl with amnesia life is immediately put in grave danger when she is noticed by a shady company who have been searching for her for years. With enemies approaching she quickly learns why she is feared: she is an unstoppable killing machine, part of a secret North Korean training programme called The Witch.

The sequel is worth a watch but it did suffer quite a bit from ” Peninsula Syndrome”. That’s a moviehooker made-up word to describe the introduction of pointless American characters in South Korean sequels. 


Before Mad Mikkelsen found James Bond and Hannibal fame, he starred in these gritty films from Denmark. The Pusher trilogy is raw, gritty guerilla-style filmmaking. Not only did we get introduced to Mads in The Pusher, but we also got introduced to the wonderful Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives), who directs the whole trilogy.

The sequels are solid too but the first Pusher is by far the best. It deals with violent underworld and drug gangs in Denmark. Mads’ character becomes extremely desperate after a drug deal goes wrong leaving him in debt to a drug lord.


A film that I never see getting mentioned, which is such a shame. I am here to fix that. This Venuzueln flick is a beautifully crafted haunted house movie with so much more to offer than your average scares.

Released from prison but put under house arrest, a woman must return to the house and scene of the crime which she was imprisoned for.

The less you know about The House At The End Of Time, the better. There are quite a few surprises int here to catch you off guard. Trust me, this is a special one, folks.


Part of Park Chan-wook’s Vengeance trilogy, Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, Oldboy and Lady Vengeance complete the trilogy.

A woman wrongly imprisoned gets released and goes on a brutal path of vengeance to get revenge on those who wronged her.


If you are a fan of Lovecraftian films then hopefully you will enjoy Sea Fever. It has a lot of mixed reviews, mainly to do with the pacing but as a fan of slow-burn, I had no issues with that at all.

An Irish fishing ship reluctantly welcomes Siobhan, a marine biologist studying for her doctorate, looking for anomalies in fish. When the ship enters unknown waters they find that a parasite has gotten into their water supply. Paranoia among the crew sets in as well as sleep deprivation as the parasite starts to dangerously evolve beyond ways they could ever have imagined.

A great low-budget sci-fi. Great acting, a good script and an homage to movies like The Thing or any other tentacled Lovecraftian body horror. 


Another one that may not be for everyone. Hagazussa is as slow-burn as they come. And, to go with that slow burn, there is also very little dialogue. However, the film is super creepy and wonderfully shot. the cinematography is fkn gorgeous. 

It would be hard not to compare Hagazussa to Robert Eggers’ The VVitch.

After the death of her mother, a daughter and her young child struggle to survive as the daughter starts to go through the frightening changes that her late mother did. Is this mental health or is there something way more evil at hand?  


I recently rewatched this just today and I couldn’t remember anything. It was just like my first time viewing. I have to say, Nori: The Curse is hands-down one of the best, found footage horror experiences you could ask for. If I had to compare this to anything then I would say it was like Ring mixed with The Blair Witch Project. 

A documentary filmmaker goes missing after documenting people all involved with an ancient curse. His footage shows the unbelievable true horror that took place leading up to his disappearance. 

That’s it for Part 3 of my Best Films To Stream On Shudder. Stay tuned for Part 4. As always, t hanks for reading


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