The Best Shudder Films You Can Stream Part 2 UK/Ireland

As promised, I’m back with The Best Shudder Films You Can Stream Part 2 in the UK/Ireland. As I mentioned in Part 1, this could be going on for a while as there is so much quality content to share with you all. Please note that this list of films is for Shudder UK/Ireland.


The Dark and The Wicked is one of my favourite horror movies from recent years. However, it was a film that needed two views to feel that overpowering sense of dread. That’s what the Dark and The Wicked does so well: the sense of dread is almost unbearable.

A family gather at the farmhouse of an elderly dying relative and notices that something way more evil may be responsible for the man’s decline.


A super popular, super creepy and super effective Australian found footage/mockumentary movie. It revolves around a grieving family of a girl called Alice who supposedly drowned in a nearby lake.

A great supernatural drama that focuses just as much on the grieving family and their unbearable loss of a dear loved one.


Bunker 717 was a movie I kept scrolling past. I think it was to do with the poster design or maybe the overuse of monster Nazis in films. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. If you’re a fan of As Above So Below or The Descent then you should enjoy this one.

A group of French teens decide to go underground in search of some hidden Nazi tomb, treasure or relic (I can’t remember 😂). They’re attacked by a group of Neo-Nazis who’re down looking for the same thing. As if that ain’t bad enough, they resurrect some Nazi zombie general who wants to show them the true meaning of war crime.

This had some tense scenes of pure claustrophobic terror that nearly matched that of the Descent. Is it as good as The Descent? absouley not but it does have some great cave-dwelling moments that feel like they’re suffocating you.


Switchblade Romance was the directorial debut from Alexandre Aja who then went on to remake the Wes Craven classic in his English-language debut, The Hills Have Eyes.

This is a relentless shocker that gives zero shits about your feelings. Vast use of impressive, inventive weaponry by a serial killer out to slaughter a girl, her friend and her family at their secluded, rural farmhouse.


Not very original but a damn fine piece of extreme cinema and one of the most brutal Shudder films avaiable. A group of French hoodlums running from police and riots in Paris take refuge in an old hotel/B&B.

Sadly, for them, this place is run by a family of neo-nazi cannibals that will make sure that this check-in is their last.


From Xavier Gens, the director of Frontier(s) Cold Skin is Lovecraftian bliss. 2 lighthouse/watchtower keepers must battle an army of amphibious-like creatures from the sea that attack the lighthouse during the night.

Just like most films with a lighthouse/watchtower setting, Cold Skin beautifully captures the loneliness, isolation and desperation of those who have been starved of any sort of social contact for years.


The Bay has had some mixed reviews. I have no idea why tbh. If you are a fan of the found footage sub-genre then The Bay is, in my opinion, a must-see and one of the best FF films out there.

A film that deals with a strange outbreak on a small island that seems to be coming from an infected water supply. It does a great job of really making you question what is in the water that we all drink every day.


Deadstream may borrow from some of the horror greats but, folks, at the end of the day, it’s not ripping these films off. You can be inspired by and still make original content while at the same time paying homage to your classic horror inspiration.

This horror comedy is so obviously inspired by the Evil Dead films. And, what the f*ck is wrong with that? Nothing.

After losing a lot of his followers a guy decides to live-stream a night in a haunted house in the hopes of winning them back. His night turns into a nightmare when vengeful demons attack making him fight for his life.


I loved Revenge. I mean, if you’re able to suspend your belief on the laws of physics and gravity then you’ll have a good time: There ain’t no way in hell that girl survived that fall. But, hey! if she didn’t survive that fall then there wouldn’t be much of a movie, would there?

A woman goes down a bloody path of vengeance to get revenge on the men who threw her off a cliff and left her to die… impaled on a stick.


Cold Hell was a great surprise. Another victim of me not watching a film for a long time because I didn’t like the cover. I need to sort that out.

A powerful female lead in Cold Hell. An MMA fighter who is pushed to the edge of life witnesses a serial killer murdering one of his victims. The killer then begins to stalk her not knowing how much of a cunning killing machine she is. The hunter becomes the hunted.

That’s it for my Best Films To Stream On Shudder Part 2. Stay tuned for Part 3! As always, thanks for reading.


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