TV Shows/Films To Check Out If You Like Sweet Home

Are You A fan of Sweet Home? I guess you are…or you wouldn’t be reading this. Here are some great TV shows and films to check out to fill the Sweet Home void after you’re done with the awesome season 2.

Sweet Home Season Two just hit Netflix. The long-awaited South Korean monster series has returned and it’s bigger than ever. Season 2 amps up the monster action treating us to gratuitous amounts gore. Check out my list below of Asian films and tv shows featuring monsters, aliens and zombies. Let’s get to it!


In terms of awesome-looking creatures, Parasyte is probably the closest on this list you will get to Sweet Home.

A great Manga series which has been adapted into 2 movies as well. Space worms fall from the sky and enter into your ears, nose or eyes. When inside, you become the host of this Alien Parasyte and your body can morph into hideous Alien weaponry and creatures.

Train To Busan’s Yeon Sang-ho is in the process of bringing us a new South Korean Parasyte series called Parasyte: The Grey. Stay tuned for more information on that one,


Alice In Borderland recently released its highly-anticipated season 2. The series puts people in a futuristic, dystopian Tokyo. They are then forced to compete in games to survive. Each player is also being hunted by mysterious masked figures all carrying an array of weaponry to take them down.

In season one the characters are mainly confined to a high-rise apartment complex while season two bursts the arena open showing us a wonderful dystopian wasteland that was once, Tokyo.


The Silent Sea got some mixed reviews but I thought it was excellent. To me, this was proper sci-fi and done beautifully, too.

Earth is a wasteland and water is the most precious thing around. A group of astronauts are sent to a Lunar base to obtain samples but discover something way more dangerous than they could ever have imagined.

The Silent Sea is available on Netflix. It is a mini-series with only 8-episodes, so it’s easy to get through.


The Uncanny Counter is so much fun. A group of restaurant employees dish out noodle during the day and then spend their nights hunting evil demons.

There are two seasons of The Uncanny Counter to stream on Netflix.


We should be seeing the return of All Of Us Are Dead next year. It was confirmed that we will be getting a season 2. As for a date, I will let you all know when I find out.

A great series that primarily focuses on bullying and manipulation in South Korean high schools. As well as the shitty human beings, we also have a zombie outbreak – forcing the classmates to work together to stay alive.


Starring the awesome Yoo Ah-in, Alive is another zombie production. It takes place in a high-rise apartment complex and focuses on a lazy gamer who gets caught up in the zombie apocalypse.


From the great Bong Joon-ho and starring the awesome Song Kang-ho, The Host is a horror comedy about a huge monster born from the hazardous waste getting pumped into the Han river.

There was rumours of a sequel to The Host but I think those days are long now. I’d still welcome it with open arms, though.


There seems to be a fair amount of horror films and tv shows set in the Joeson period in South Korea. One thing I love about these period films is the costume design and how beautifully it flows with the intense action sequences.

A king begins an investigation to see if there is any truth behind the rumours of an ancient creature killing people in a mountain region

Monstrum is packed with action, great creature FX/design and the cinematography is beautiful.


If you haven’t checked out Kingdom by now then you’re quite simply missing out on one of the best horror series of recent years. 

A mysterious flower with the power to reanimate the dead unleashes a zombie plague when royal officials reanimate their king. 

There’s also a great standalone film called Kingdom: Ashin of the North. Both the series and movie are on Netflix


If you enjoyed Netflix’s Kindgom then you will more than likely enjoy Rampant. Set during the Jpeson period, a prince returns to his hometown after the suicide of his brother. His journey is put to the test as he battles hybrid monsters; half zombie, half vampire (Zompire?)


From the director and writer of Train To Busan, Hellbound is based on a webtoon written and illustrated by Yeon Sang-ho himself.

A mysterious figure appears and tells you the exact time that you are going to die. When that time comes, the Executioners of Hell appear to smash you to pieces and drag you to the firey pits of Hell.

I feel a little sad that Yoo Ah-in won’t be returning for the second season due to his ongoing battle with addiction. Sorry state of affairs when you see someone in handcuffs because of drug addiction. he should be treated in a hospital, not fkn arrested like a criminal.


I Am A Hero is one of the best zombie movies around. It os such a pity that not a lot fo people know about it, 

A manga artist struggling with depression and his own very existence must become a hero and bbattle hordes of the undead with his weapon of choice: his hunting rifle.

That’s it for this list of Films and TV shows to check out if you like Sweet Home. As always, thanks for reading,


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