My Name review: New K Drama Action Series Beautifully Blends Infernal Affairs With The Villainess

I really can’t think of a better way to describe the new Netflix series My Name other than it’s a mix of Infernal Affairs with some of The Villainess

We have been looking forward to My Name arriving on Netflix for quite some time now. This time, I was able to go into this series completely blind, not knowing what to expect…and, well…OH BOY. If I did have expectations for My Name then they would’ve been blown out of the water because, folks, we have yet another phenomenal K-Drama.

I am going to keep the plot details to a bare minimum.

My Name focuses on Ji-woo, a loner teenage high schooler who is the prime target for a bunch of mean high school bullies. The bullies pick on her because her dad is a well-known gangster working for one of the most powerful drug gangs in South Korea. But because of her dad’s dodgy profession, Jiwoo is estranged from her father but still has to face the consequences of his actions on a daily basis.

From the offset, we can see that Ji-woo takes no sh*t from no one. We get treated to a spectacular fight in the first few minutes when she cracks and takes on all the high school bullies at once. Within the first few minutes, you know this is going to be magnificent.

On Ji-woo’s birthday, her father arrives at her apartment with some gifts. Ji-woo knew this would happen and didn’t want to see him she locked him out. She is then woken up to sound a struggle and realises her father is being attacked by someone. Her father is killed as she watches helplessly through the peephole of a door.

Ji-woo is then taken in by her father’s best friend, the leader of the criminal underworld and father to an army of cage fighting, machete-wielding killers.

Part 2 Coming Soon!

The only way to survive in this new world is to become a killer. Ji-woo starts to train and uses her skills to protect herself against any threat and to hunt down and kill the person responsible for her father’s murder.

So-hee Han delivers an extraordinarily explosive role that ticks all the boxes. She is able to deliver the drama to perfection while at the same time giving us bone-crunching action.

The only downside I saw to the series was the insane overuse of the song “My Name”. Yeah, I thought it sounded like a nice track at the start but, man, we have to listen to it A LOT. Luckily there’s enough gangsters, knives, machetes and corrupt cops to keep us from going crazy.

I have seen a few reviews compare this to The Departed.

Seriously? that hurts, man. It is obvious that these folk have never seen Infernal Affairs. I’m sure you know, The Departed was pretty much a carbon copy remake of Infernal Affairs. I guess we can take comfort that these people are now delving into the world of Korean cinema. I say we have Squid Game to thank for that.

My Name is now avaiable to stream worldwide on Netflix. Season 1 consists of 8-epsiodes. As always, thanks for reading. Get your binge on!

Review by GG


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