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Some new Netflix originals that have arrived or will be arriving soon

A brand new list featuring some of the best new Netflix originals that should be on your radar. When this list was initially started, all and these titles were unreleased. Now, when will am finally getting back to finishing it, we have two of the titles released. They will still be on the list though as both entries, as expected, were solid AF


New Netflix The Night Comes For Us poster

It’s no secret that I have been waiting year’s to witness the brutality of Timo Tjahanto’s The Night Comes For Us. A film that was plagued and sat in development hell for many a year.

Great to see streaming giants Netflix pick this one up and get it out there for us all to see.

Action scenes supposedly directed by Gareth Evans, choreographed by Iko Uwais, who also stars. The Night Comes For Us will be primarily directed by one half of the Mo Brothers, Timo Tjahanto, who gave us the fabulous HEADSHOT

Apostle (just released)

New Netflix Apostle Gareth Evans Netflix Poster

Gareth Evans takes a break from the bone-breaking world he has created with The Raid movies to tackle the horror genre.

I posted the trailer on here not so long ago. If it is anything to go by then it looks like this man can master the art of horror and suspense as well as face-crunching martial arts.

Dan Stevens (The Guest) stars as a man on a mission to rescue his sister from a dangerous cult.

Landed on Netflix, October 12th



I am really excited about this new Netflix film. Velvet Buzzsaw reunites director Dan Gilroy and actor Jake Gyllenhaal. This is their first time working together since the magnificent NIGHTCRAWLER.

Not a lot is known about the plot. The film focuses on a woman who becomes famous after stealing artwork from a dead neighbour. She has to live with the guilt that she has stolen the art from a corpse. All the fame she gained is far from her own.

The film is a horror movie so expect shit to get weird.



Some hate the idea, some are welcome to it. The movie that scarred the minds of all of us as children is set to have a new Netflix makeover.

I don’t know why someone thinks it’s a good idea to try and traumatise a whole new generation of children. Not only that but reopening those old wounds of all of us scarred by the original.


I know a lot of people who will be loving this. Me, not so much. Yeah, I enjoy it but I think it got hyped into hyperspace. It’s a mad story alright, obviously, our minds are about to go Making A Murderer mental once again.

I lost interest in the first series as the show went on. Apparently, we have some new plot twists in the case that will take us all by surprise and blow our minds.

Making A Murderer is no doubt a superior documentary but to this day my favourite doc still remains: Dear Zachary

You can read about Dear Zachary and other great documentaries in




New Netflix Haunting Of Hill House

This new Netflix series is from director Mike Flanagan (Hush). I have to say that I am a little sceptical, even before its release, this new Netflix series has already got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Maybe this is going to be the most terrifying Netflix series of all time. Based on a book of the same name.

I have started this and a review will surely follow. I can confirm that this is one hell of a creepy series. It has been a long time since the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, this series did just that.


New Netflix The Dogs Of Berlin

This is the second Netflix produced original from Germany, with the first one being, Dark. I have just read that this is due for release on December 7th,

Two crooked cops get brought together and thrown into the seedy Berlin underworld after the murder of a Turkish football player.


New Netflix The Irishman

This has been years in the making. Martin Scorsese is back to his roots (I hope) in new gangster movie The Irishman. Based on a true story,

Scorsese has managed to get a lot of his dream team back together for The Irishman including the legendary Joe Pesci.


New Netflix THE KING

I really didn’t have to read much for this new Netflix film to make the list.

Directed by David Michod with a screenplay written by Joel Edgerton. I am sure you all know that Michod and Edgerton gave us the amazing Aussie family gangster movie Animal Kingdom, not to mention, the fantastic Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce starring, The Rover.


Starring Ben Affleck and Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, Adria Arjona, Pedro Pascal, and Oscar Isaac. Triple Frontier seems to have served a long stint in development hell.

Production for this new Netflix film was first green-lit in 2010 with Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks in talks to play the lead roles. Kathyrn Bigelow was onboard to direct. Later, Channing Tatum and Tom Hardy were then in talks to star but that fell through. Then Ben Affleck joined, then he left…then he joined again. Now we are left with the cast mentioned above.

Sounds like this could be a great watch and one to look forward to. Triple Frontier is about a group of mercenaries brought together to bring down a South African drug lord



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