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Fukushima 50 – the heroic real-life story of the ultimate scarifice

When it comes to disaster movies, no one can quite do it like Asia. We have had some fantastic releases including, Pandora, The Tunnel, The Tower and Earthquake. The thing is, unlike Hollywood productions with L.A crumbling, and The Rock hanging from helicopters trying to save his family, Asian disaster movies are based on real events. Fukushima 50 is based on the most terrifying event of them all: biblical-scale earthquakes leading to a meltdown putting the whole of Japan and the rest of the world at risk of a nuclear catastrophe worse than Chernobyl. This film follows the heroic actions of the ones that sacrificed their lives to prevent Fukushima from further devastation and reaching a global scale.


Japan’s Tohoku Region: at a magnitude of 9.0, the strongest earthquake in the country’s history strikes, triggering a huge tsunami and carnage that would end up killing thousands of people and displacing many more. It mercilessly engulfs the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture, causing a crippling station blackout. Unable to be cooled, the nuclear reactors quickly turn into hydrogen bombs at the brink of explosion. If the power plant is abandoned, Japan’s destruction is assured. Facing a life or death situation, the power plant workers known as the “Fukushima 50”, including shift supervisor Izaki and plant manager Yoshida, remain on the site until the bitter end. As the world holds its breath, the Fukushima 50 fight for their hometown, their families, and the future of Japan.

Capelight Pictures

FUKUSHIMA 50 Arrived On VOD/Digital Platforms On March 5th

You can check out the trailer below



poster for Fukushima 50

Directed by: Setsuro Wakamatsu
Written by: Ryusho Kadota (Book: “On The Brink: The Inside Story of Fukushima Daiichi)and Yoichi Maekawa (Screenplay)
Country of Origin: Japan
Language: Japanese (OV) / English (dub)
Genre: Action & Drama
Distributor: Capelight Pictures
Produced by Tsuguhiko Kadokawa
RunTime: 121minutes

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Secret Zoo Film Review: A lighthearted comedy that definitely hit the mark

Son Jae-Gon keeps making contributions to the comedy genre (The Man Who Saw Too Much, My Scary Girl, Villain and Widow), now with a trendy but beautiful message in it; in this Globalized World, there is still people with principles who believe we can coexist with Mother Nature.

Even when it has some cliches, you can find some originality in it.

It’s based on the webtoon “I Don’t Bully You” by Hun.

The film begins with Tae-soo, who works in a temp position in a very well-known law firm; he is a bottom feeder there, of course he wants to impress his boss and the opportunity comes as the new Dongsan Park Zoo Director; he has to revitalize the failed zoo in 3 months so that the firm can make more money by selling it to another client, the problem is… there are no animals and he has no budget.

He comes up with the idea of making animal costumes for the staff to wear and fool people, until they make enough money to get their animals back.

They are not doing well until a happy accident happens, a marketing strategy in real life that helps them go viral and start having hundreds of visitors; at times it feels like they are sponsored by certain brand of carbonated drinks, still is funny how people enjoy the show, even when sometimes they are rude.

It seems it would be easy but we need a villain, in this case the Law Firm, which will become greedy and reveal their true plans.

I think by now, we all know what will happen, but is still a really fun ride to see and laugh with the characters; I would see it’s 98% family friendly because it has a few “adult jokes” but nothing outrageous.

I enjoyed the performances, cast is fantastic in their characters, very charming; the animal costumes are incredible well made, they look realistic… I think the polar bear looks more realistic than “Black Nose”, the “real” polar bear (CGI) in the movie.

If you are looking for a fun movie to enjoy, I highly recommend Secret Zoo.

Cast includes: Ahn Jae-Hong, Kang So-ra, Park Yeong-gyu, Kim Sung-oh and Jeon Yeo-been

You can watch it in Korean with subtitles in English and English SDH or dubbed in English.

Secret Zoo it’s already available on VOD and DVD.

Watch the trailer here:


Alone Trailer

When an outbreak hits, Aidan barricades himself inside his apartment and starts rationing food. His complex is overrun by infected Screamers, and with the world falling apart into chaos, he is left completely alone fighting for his life.

The amazing Donald Sutherland,

Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf, Truth or Dare, Scary Movie V),

Robert Ri’chard (House of Wax),

Summer Spiro (Westworld).

Directed by:
Johnny Martin (Vengeance: A Love Story, Hangman, Delirium)

Release Date:
October 16, 2020 (VOD)
October 20, 2020 (DVD)


CUT SHOOT KILL: A Disappointing, Wasted Opportunity

 CUT SHOOT KILL Hit VOD On August 8th

Struggling actress, Serena (Alexandra Socha) is having a hard time finding an acting job. Wondering if she will ever catch a break, she begrudgingly accepts a role in an upcoming slasher flick.

Slasher movies ain’t her thing, but these are desperate times. She agrees to watch the short the movie is based on to get a feel for her role. When trying to find out who played the lead in the film she learns that she was murdered….you guessed the plot yet?

Before leaving, Serena tells her boyfriend that she needs to do this alone and under no circumstances, must he go to the set to visit her. Sent to collect her and bring Serena to the set is a young hillbilly with a learning disability and speech impediment….alarm bells should seriously already be ringing!. I don’t know about you but I think I’d rather find my own means of travel than have some Deliverance motherfucker escort me ANYWHERE!

The director she is working for has created a lot of hype with his new horror movies. He goes by the name of Alabama and is really butchering his actors to create the ultimate realistic horror movie.

Unfortunately, Cut Shoot Kill didn’t do it for me.

I can see what these guys wanted to do but sadly, it wasn’t achieved with this film. The slasher film that she is part of falls victim to every stereotype in the book, which makes the film a tiring and predictable watch.

We have a story of a filmmaker trying to create the most realistic gore FX by murdering the actors. While for the most part, the films special FX didn’t look too bad, there was questionable blood FX that went against the realism that the film was going for.

That doesn’t mean to say that the team can’t  come back stronger with their next feature. Just because I didn’t find much to enjoy in the film, doesn’t mean to say that there was no talent involved. If you want to turn your brain off and enjoy some mindless hacking and slashing, not expecting any sort plot then you might want to give CUT SHOOT KILL a go.


Gary Gamble

CUT SHOOT KILL  hit VOD on August 8th via Freestyle Digital Media.


An Oddly Original Tale Of Vampirism: Review for THE TRANSFIGURATION


The directorial debut from Michael O’Shea hits VOD on August 8th

The Transfiguration is the tale of Milo, a young boy who has a strong desire to be a vampire and acts out his fantasy unbeknownst to all around him.

Having lost both parents (one of whose deaths may have been the catalyst for his obsessive behaviour). He now lives alone with his older brother, Lewis and spends his days wandering the streets often bullied and without friends.

Milo has a fascination with movies, exclusively about vampires. Some great old horror films get name checked including; Near Dark, Let The Right One In, and Nosferatu which adds a sense of relevancy to proceedings.

He also seems to have a morbid fascination with online clips of animal slaughter too. However, we learn that at some point in the past he was involved in some bestial cruelty himself which appears to have been practice runs for what was yet to come (something the bullies have labelled him a freak for).

After meeting a girl called Sophie, who appears to have some psychological issues herself involving self-harm etc. Maybe it’s possible that Milo can put away childish things and get on with his young life, or is his fixation just too hard to shake off?

The Transfiguration review

The Transfiguration is a slow burn indie chiller that takes the vampire sub-genre and turns it on its head. In The Transfiguration, we’ve  a young boy wanting to be a vampire and attempting to do what vampires do, yet accomplishing it with messy and gruesome levels of success.

You could be forgiven however for wondering just how a small boy would be able to overpower a grown man. Even with the system that he uses, that issue does ring a bell a few times when it’s on screen.

The film also positions itself so far down the downbeat scale that at times it feels like it’s suffocating. I can see the director was going for as bleak a feeling as possible, so that’s probably forgivable. There are shocks in The Transfiguration for sure, along with an attempt to add some gritty gang culture scenario of the New York streets.

Towards the end, one shock is unexpected which punctuates the final act adding a form of poetic full-stop to all that went before. One can’t deny it’s always good to see some kind of life being pumped into an old sub-genre of horror. It really would be hard to make a film of that sub-genre in its pure classical form today. I can’t imagine many would want to see the frilly Hammer vampires return after we’ve had Let The Right One In and Only Lovers Left Alive.

The Transfiguration was a welcome, if loose example, of neck-biting shenanigans. For a first direct, on a limited budget it’s worth seeing if your range for horror extends beyond the bells and whistles of the multiplex.

Strand Releasing is very proud to release the critically acclaimed horror-drama THE TRANSFIGURATION on VOD August 8th.

Colin Darwin



Review For New Apocalyptic Indie GO NORTH

 GO NORTH hits select U.S. theatres and VOD this Friday, January 13th!

In 2007 Michael Ogens released a heartwarming documentary about a group of street performers in Hollywood that made their living dressing up as superheroes and getting their photographs taken with tourists.

I have been a huge fan of that film, I have sold a tonne of it at work and have recommended it to countless people. If you ain’t checked out Confessions Of A Superhero then you should indeed hook yourself up.

So, when I found out that Go North was from the same director as one of my all-time favourite documentaries, it made the experience even better.

Go North has been described as a modern day Lord Of The Flies and it’s hard not to make that comparison but that is far a from a bad thing.

A talented young cast, including Joshua Close, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Ele Bardha, Jacob Lofland, and Derek Brandon.

Go North

Go North is set in a world in which adults no longer exist. The entire adult population has been wiped off the face of the earth leaving the crumbling world to be run by kids.

A group of child survivors have formed a community which is led by high school Jock, Caleb (Patrick Schwarzenegger). It is evident from the start that Caleb was one of the leaders in high school; one of the guys that everyone looked up to, or feared. Scenes of Caleb wrestling with his high school jock friends who now act as his soldiers prove the point even further, that you don’t get any more jock than, Caleb.

Each day the kids attend what seems like school but the classes are focused on survival and the dangers that await them if they venture outside of their group and into the wilderness that used to be civilisation.

But in this community, there are rules, rules that must be followed: If these rules are broken then you must face the consequences and “walk the line”. Anyone who doesn’t follow Caleb and his cronies set of made up rules are sent through a tunnel into a dark, unknown and dangerous area that is feared by every child.

Go North reminded me of Gareth Edward’s, Monsters. There is no similarities in the story line but just the use of amazing locations that depict an actual apocalyptic sense of dread. Monsters nailed it with an alien invasion, and Go North achieves that same apocalyptic feel for a world turned wasteland run by children with no rules.

One of the great things about Go North is how they manage not to show you what happened to the adults. This acts as a separate story and is told through flashbacks. Obviously, this is the main thing that I think people will want to know but it is cleverly put together to show snippets of the events that unfolded. They show just the right amount as well; not enough for you to be satisfied, but enough for you to want more and keep you glued to the screen.

A solid indie flick with great direction and cinematography. A very talented young cast that all play their roles with ease and give us great characters that we care about. The soundtrack accompanied the film perfectly, it was AMAZING and very original.


Go North will be released via Gunpowder & Sky 

About Gunpowder & Sky Distribution

“Gunpowder & Sky Distribution, formerly FilmBuff, is part of Gunpowder Sky, a new global studio dedicated to creating and distributing video content independent of form, genre or platform. With in-house development, production, financing and distribution capabilities, combined with the subversive spirit of independent creators, Gunpowder & Sky collaborates with both emerging and established talent to generate premium video content ranging from 90 second to 90-minute stories.  For more info, visit www.gunpowdersky.com.”
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Ava’s Possessions Is A Unique Take On A Sub -Genre That Has Been Crying Out For Something Fresh And Original

We have no shortage of demonic possession movies out there but most of them follow a tiresome and predictable path, all of them trying to re-create the same fear that, The Exorcist had on its viewers back in 1973.

I believe there is an uneven balance in the sub-genre with the bad movies outweighing the good ones, so it’s always great to see someone take the genre and fuck with it a bit and try something fresh and new.


Ava’s Possessions focuses on the aftermath of demonic possession and begins where most possession films end – OK, imagine when Regan from, The Exorcist was finally exorcised of her demon and asks her mum “Mother, what did I do when I was possessed?” – I’d imagine her mum would say something like “well you where walking down the stairs like some sort of deformed spider, you probably have snapped every bone in your neck from your 360 degree head-spin, oh, you vomited green stuff all over a priest, also killed a priest, and done some pretty nasty stuff to yourself with a crucifix, but we wont go into that‘ well this is what we deal with in Ava’s Possessions, the destruction and havoc caused during possession.

Ava, wakes up tied to a bed, horrified and scared – her loved ones stand nervously in the corner of the room, and there is a  priest hovering over her, sweating as if he has been trapped in the fiery pits of hell for days –  Ava was possessed, and has been for the last month and her demon has just been successfully exorcised. 

Ava done some horrible things, and you can’t blame her, this is what happens when your soul gets taken hostage by a demon –  and now she has to face-up for the crimes that she committed.

She can either go to jail, or attend a support group with other survivors of demonic possession called Spirit Possession Anonymous group, but the demon that she thought was sent back to hell ain’t finished with her and is looking to come back to take her soul hostage once again.

The group is much like an Alcoholics Anonymous Group, each one them fighting with their own demons, each with horrible stories to tell of their time spent possessed. One of them even wants to bring back their demon because she was way more fun when she was possessed.

The only way that Ava can face her demon is by trying to piece together everything that happened during possession, and she probably needs to find out why there is a huge blood-stain under her rug in her apartment.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Ava’s Possessions is a horror film, it is a dark crime/comedy with elements of horror, but most of all it’s really clever, blends some familiar horror tropes while at the same time offering us something unique and original.

Ava’s Possessions is writer/director Jordan Galland’s third feature, his earlier movies include Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead (2009) and Alter Egos (2012)

The film stars Louisa Krause (Martha Marcy May Marlene), Carol Kane (The Princess Bride, Dog Day Afternoon, Gotham), Lou Taylor Pucci (Spring, Evil Dead remake), William Sadler (Bill & Ted’s Bogus journey, Die Hard 2, Homeland, Madame Secretary), Alysia Reiner (Sideways, That Awkward Moment, Orange Is The New Black), Dan Fogler (Scenic Route, Fanboys, Balls Of Fury, Don Peyote), Jemima Kirke (Girls), Wass Stevens (House Of Cards, Ugly Betty, The Wrestler), Deborah Rush (Orange Is The New Black, Spin City).

Sean Lennon adds to the film with an original OST that seemed to suit the mood of the film perfectly. Galland and Lennon seem to work really well together with Ava’s Posssessions being the third time that Lennon has composed for Galland.