CUT SHOOT KILL: A Disappointing, Wasted Opportunity

 CUT SHOOT KILL Hit VOD On August 8th Struggling actress, Serena (Alexandra Socha) is having a hard time finding an acting job. Wondering if she will ever catch a break, she begrudgingly accepts a role in an upcoming slasher flick. Slasher movies ain’t her thing, but these are desperate times. She Continue Reading


An Oddly Original Tale Of Vampirism: Review for THE TRANSFIGURATION

  The directorial debut from Michael O’Shea hits VOD on August 8th The Transfiguration is the tale of Milo, a young boy who has a strong desire to be a vampire and acts out his fantasy unbeknownst to all around him. Having lost both parents (one of whose deaths may Continue Reading

The Dark Below Review 2017

TEH DARK Below is available in select cinemas across the U.S  This Serial Killer Is One Cold Motherfucker The Dark Below is the new indie horror from writer/director, Douglas Schulze (Mimesis 2011). The film focuses on a serial killer, his next victim and the lengths the killer will go to see that his Continue Reading

Review For New Apocalyptic Indie GO NORTH

 GO NORTH hits select U.S. theatres and VOD this Friday, January 13th! In 2007 Michael Ogens released a heartwarming documentary about a group of street performers in Hollywood that made their living dressing up as superheroes and getting their photographs taken with tourists. I have been a huge fan of that Continue Reading

Ava’s Possessions Is A Unique Take On A Sub -Genre That Has Been Crying Out For Something Fresh And Original

We have no shortage of demonic possession movies out there but most of them follow a tiresome and predictable path, all of them trying to re-create the same fear that, The Exorcist had on its viewers back in 1973. I believe there is an uneven balance in the sub-genre with the Continue Reading

BODY, A Tense And Unpredictable Ride, Fuelled By A Powerful Script And All-Round Great Performances

Body is a new Hitchcockian style thriller written, directed and produced by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen. The film takes place during Christmas eve when Holly (Helen Rogers), Cali (Alexandra Turshen), and Mel (Lauren Molina) decide that their Christmas partying just ain’t enough, so they decide to break into a nearby Continue Reading

Tourists Will Never Learn. Review For Jungle Creature-Feature INDIGENOUS

I went into Indigenous  thinking that we had another film about a group of teens lost in a jungle that fall victim to a bunch of cannibals. As a fan of jungle-themed horror I decided not to read into that much and go in almost blind. This ain’t about cannibals, at Continue Reading

Rock Legend Jon Mikl Thor Makes His Comeback In New Heart-warming Rockumentary I AM THOR

Back in 2001, Film-maker Ryan Wise set out to document the comeback of Jon Mikl Thor, a body-building, cod-piece wearing, steel-bending, brick- smashing, force of pure ROCK!. Jon Mikl Thor was a Canadian body-builder who reigned the body-building world in the 70’s and 80’s. He has over 40 weight-lifting titles, Continue Reading

Review For New Spanish Horror Para Elisa (For Elisa)

Para Elisa is a new Spanish horror that will be released in cinemas and on VOD on September 1st via the awesome Dark Sky Films. The story follows, Ana (Ona Casamiquela), a college student who needs to earn some quick cash so she can go to an end of year Continue Reading