New Genre Films You Need To Know About

New Genre Movies - Algea: God Of Pain - A Moviehooker List

As festival season approaches, we must keep you all hooked up with the best new genre films coming your way. It’s a tough aul job but someone has got to do it. Let’s get to it. Below you will find 7 new genre films that will be hitting this year’s festivals. I can’t confirm that all of these will be awesome but they sure sound it … Read more

Press Release: Kill Your Lover

Kill Your Lover Press Release Moviehooker

Dark Sky Films kindly sent us the press release for a new claustrophobic horror film called Kill Your Lover – check it out below. A toxic relationship spirals out of control and erupts into horrific acts of violence in new independent horror Kill Your Lover Dark Sky Films is proud to announce KILL YOUR LOVER, a … Read more

Press Release: The Girl In The Trunk (2024)

The Girl In The Trunk - Press Release Moviehooker

The Girl In The Trunk sounds very similar to a German film Moviehooker reported on a few months back. Check out the official press release below Claustrophobic thriller, The Girl In The Trunk set for UK & US Digital Release this May   Available on Digital Download in the UK & Ireland and USA & Canada … Read more

Baby Reindeer Review – A Flawless and Frightening Stalker Series

Baby Reindeer review

Baby Reindeer is a new Netflix original limited series based on a shocking true story of trauma, obsession, love, and the need to feel accepted. I knew nothing about this new series and stumbled on it while browsing. The 18-certificate, the lead character’s extremely dodgy-looking suit, the vibrant colours and a name like Baby Reindeer…I … Read more

The Animal Kingdom review 2024: Embrace Change, Become Your Inner Animal

The Animal Kingdom Review

The Animal Kingdom played at last year’s Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard section and was praised by critics and festival-goers alike.  In The Animal Kingdom, a strange disease has been infecting the human population in France. Those who get infected slowly start to turn into a random animal and it ain’t a … Read more


A Bloody Lucky Day review Moviehooker

A Bloody Lucky Day was featured on a Moviehooker list written back in November 2023 of 5 Upcoming K Dramas To Look Forward to – it’s safe to say that this one is going to unsettle a lot of viewers…and impress even more! When I reported about the new K Drama series – I was … Read more

Another List Of Upcoming Horror Movies 2024

Upcoming Horror Movies 2024 - A MOVIEHOOKER LIST

We are back with a new list of upcoming or recently released horror films for 2024. And, as always, there’s quite a variety in here; werewolves, vampires, occult and serial killers so definitely something for every sort of horror lover WEREWOLVES Frank Grillo and Lou Diamond Phillips star in Werewolves (previously titled Year 2). A … Read more

5 Great New Indonesian Horror Films 2024

New Indonesian Horror Films - A Moviehooker List

I am back with a new list focusing on 5 recently released or upcoming Indonesian horror films. I have mentioned that Indonesia has shot to the top of the horror food chain in recent years. These guys have been pumping out so much high-quality horror and don’t seem slowing down. The crazy thing is, it’s … Read more

Restore Point: Witness A Terrifying New Future

Restore Point Review

RESTORE POINT arrives on U.S. VOD on February 8th via XYZ Films! Check out the mind-melting trailer below! Moviehooker is excited to share with you the official press release for the new Czech sci-fi, Restore Point. This one looks visually stunning and is a mind-bending blend of Blade Runner and Black Mirror all set in a … Read more


The Best South Korean Content on Amazon Prime Video - A Moviehooker List

I am happy to report that we are starting to see a rise in South Korean content on Amazon Prime Video. Here is the first Moviehooker list. DEATH’S GAME (SERIES) A man who commits suicide is met at the gates of Hell by Death. Death offers him the chance to live again but under one … Read more

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