Big Trouble In Little China Reboot With The Rock Confirmed As Continuation Of Original Story

Big Trouble In Little China sequel

BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA It’s the remake, reboot, sequel, or whatever that no one seems to want but we’re getting it anyways   When I first heard the news that they were going to reviving one of the finest movies in existence of film history, I nearly curled up into a ball and died. … Read more

Trailer For New South Korean Zombie Film RAMPANT

Rampant movie screenshot

Tired of seeing zombies on the small-screen and big-screen??. Tough, South Korea is back with a new film, and the dead have returned to life…once again! It was March 2017, I stumbled on the news of a new Netflix original zombie series that was just about to go into production. It wasn’t that long after … Read more

PART ONE: New TV Series’ Releasing Soon Or Currently In Production – Moviehooker

New Series Angel Of Darkness

Need a new series to watch? Have a read of some of the best upcoming TV shows getting released soon or currently in production When do we never need a new series to look forward to? This is Part One of a three-part article that will feature some of the best upcoming new TV shows … Read more

The Ranger (2018) If You Go Down To The Woods Today Will You Be Sure Of A Big Surprise?

The Ranger 2018 #theranger2018

If you go down in the woods today
You’re sure of a big surprise.
If you go down in the woods today
You’d better go in disguise!

The Ranger (2018) has been doing the festival circuit since its premiere at South by Southwest in March 2018. Set in the woods combining punk rock and slasher themes, is this one to look out for?

Read more


What Keeps You Alive Review: Another Successful Female-Led Serial Killer Flick From Canada

What Keeps You Alive Review

Review: New Canadian female-led serial killer flick What Keeps You Alive What Keeps You Alive is a new psycho-thriller, female-led serial killer flick from Canada. It was only last year I was mentioning that we had a shortage of female serial killer films. Now, since then I have written about two of them, both great, and … Read more

UPDATED: Jeremy Saulnier’s HOLD THE THE DARK Is Now On Netflix

Jeremy Saulnier’s new Netflix thriller Hold The Dark premieres soon @ TIFF, we now have a fantastic trailer to share with you all. UPDATED AND EDITED ARTICLE  We have been huge fans of Jeremy Saulnier since his directorial debut Murder Party. He then went on, remortgaged his house and made a small revenge movie called Blue Ruin and … Read more

(Updated) Peninsula: Two Amazing New Posters For Train To Busan Sequel

Peninsula Train To Busan Sequel Trailer

We have a new TRAILER for the new Train To Busan sequel, Peninsula to share with you all (trailer at bottom of the article) UPDATED: TWO NEW POSTERS ADDED FOR PENINSULA With the number of zombie movies out there set in open-worlds, it’s very strange that one of my all-time favourites is set in just … Read more

5 New Asian Movies That Require Your Attention – Moviehooker

New Asian Movies Believer

We are back again with another list of new Asian movies that we think should be on your radar for future viewing There is nothing like finding new Asian movies to look forward to. Problem is, most of the information on upcoming releases is in either, Korean or Japanese, Indonesian . Sometimes when we do … Read more

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Cast To Write And Star In New Series -Moviehooker

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia stars Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day will write and star in a new comedy series The new comedy series will be set in a video game development studio. Each episode will reportedly have a run-time on 30-minutes. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has to be one of the funniest tv shows’ ever … Read more

Best Movies Based on True Stories

Best Movies Based on True Stories Powerful Tales Cinema is powerful. A great story can change the world. As history has shown us, one perspective shift can cause some profound effects in people. Good movies can make us question reality (The Matrix), or imagine another exotic one in the not-too-distant future (Star Wars). However, the … Read more

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