Late Night With The Devil Review: Tune In To Hell

Late Night With The Devil Review - Moviehooker

LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL: Please stay tuned while we try a television first, as we try and commune with the Devil…but not before a word from our sponsors I am sure you are all aware that we have been really looking forward to the new possession horror Late Night With The Devil. It has … Read more

More Horror Films Coming Your Way Soon

Humane - New Horror Films 2024 A Moviehooker List

A new list of horror films that will be released so or throughout the year. This is our 8th list of the year with zero signs of us slowing down. There is just so much awesome content to hook you all up with. HUMANE The directorial debut from Caitlin Cronenberg, the daughter of David Cronenberg … Read more

Frogman Review: Fun, Slimey Lovecraftian Found Footage

Frogman Review Moviehooker

Frogman does not take itself seriously: with a name like that would you expect it to? Dallas the main character epitomises this. He has¬†captured video of Frogman while on family holiday as a child becoming famous as a result (pre-social media days). He has been living off of that feat since. That and the generosity … Read more

WOLF NIGHT: District 9 Meets The Purge?

wolf night movie platinum dunes Moviehooker news

Wolf Night has been described as exactly that – a new werewolf film from Platinum Dunes and director Jonathan Liebesman that is already being compared to The Purge meets District 9 Deadline was the first to report the news on this new werewolf movie. Although we don’t have anything in regard to plot, I can … Read more

The Best Korean TV Shows On Paramount Plus

Paramount - A Bloody Lucky Day

BARGAIN  Bargain in one of the crazier South Korean TV shows…if you can believe that and is a major win for Paramount K content. Yes, this epic series is for fans of the darkest, meanest forms of K Drama/Horror.  A young girl tricks a man into believing she is selling her body for sex. What the … Read more


Bleakest Films With The Bleakest Endings - A Moviehooker List

A new list of films featuring some of the bleakest endings guaranteed to rip your soul apart. MARTYRS Pascal Laugier’s, Martyrs pushed a lot of boundaries when it came to on-screen violence and was one of the leading titles in the French Extreme Movement.  The story of two friends on a quest for vengeance when one … Read more

Parasyte: The Grey: Everything You Need To Know

Parasyte: The Grey information - Moviehooker

Parasyte: The Grey is one of those titles where it seems I have been waiting a lifetime to see released. When I get a title that I am excited about, something takes over. I don’t know what but I become sort of obsessed and I would be constantly searching, sometimes on a daily basis for … Read more

The Animal Kingdom review 2024: Embrace Change, Become Your Inner Animal

The Animal Kingdom Review

The Animal Kingdom played at last year’s Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard section and was praised by critics and festival-goers alike.¬† In The Animal Kingdom, a strange disease has been infecting the human population in France. Those who get infected slowly start to turn into a random animal and it ain’t a … Read more


Home Invasion Movies - A Moviehooker List

KIDNAPPED A family who live in a gated community are attacked in their home by three masked criminals. They take the family hostage and force the father to go with one of the criminals to withdraw money from an ATM. The family are tortured and beaten severely until their survival instinct kicks in they begin … Read more

Press Release: Late Night With The Devil

Late Night With The Devil Press Release Moviehooker

Late Night With The Devil has been high up on our watchlist ever since it featured on a Moviehooker Movie List of Horror Movies You Need To Know About. It was great to hear the awesome reviews when it played throughout the festival circuit. We are happy to be on board the press train for … Read more

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