Fantasia Film Festival 2024: Top Picks Part 2

Fantasia Film Festival - Frankie Freako

As promised, we’re back with the next part of Moviehooker’s top picks for the Fantasia Film Festival. For part one – click here. This Fantasia Film Festival list features a wonderful mix of genres and is guaranteed to have something for every sort of film lover. Check back tomorrow for part 3. If you’re new … Read more

Faceless After Dark review 2024

Faceless After Dark - Review Moviehooker

FACELESS AFTER DARK– Dark Sky Films has released the new killer clown home invasion mash-up Written by Jenna Kanell & Todd Jacobs and Directed by Raymond Wood Stuck in a rut the heroine Bowie is a typecast actress who is looking to branch out from killer clown horror movie roles. She’s trapped with a catchphrase, … Read more

Fantasia Film Festival 2024: Top Picks Part 1

Azrael movie Fantasia Festival '24 - Moviehooker

It’s that time of year again and we’re delighted to announce that Moviehooker will be covering this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival Okay, so the third and final wave of films was recently announced. There is so much awesome content playing this year that it would be humanly impossible to fit it all into one … Read more

More Gothic Vampirism With THE VOURDALAK (2024)

The Vourdalak - Moviehooker News

Now that the dust has settled with the astonishing trailer for Robert Eggers’ Nosferatu, I feel you all need to know about The Vourdalak. The Vourdalak is a new gothic vampire comedy by Adrien Beau marking his feature-length debut. It is based on a gothic novella, The Family of the Vourdalak (La Famille du Vourdalak … Read more

Press Release 2024: Booger Offers Up Some Grotesque Laughs in New Body Horror

Booger - Press release Moviehooker

News just in from the awesome Dark Sky Films. So, if you like your icky body horror sprinkled with some meowgical grotesque comedy featuring a kitty named Booger, you’ll want to read on! Check out the official press release below! Not too long ago we posted on the Moviehooker socials about a new flick called … Read more

The Devil’s Bath review: Devastating Depiction of Depression in 18th Century Austria

The Devil's Bath review - Moviehooker

The wait is finally over, The Devil’s Bath was unleashed on us all yesterday from Goodnight Mommy directors Steeped in dark, tragic history and told with brutal honesty and accuracy, The Devil’s Bath is a new slow-burn, dark psychological drama about female depression in 18th-century Austria.  The film begins with a crying baby, the cries … Read more

10 New Horrors You Need To Know About

New Horrors (Brute 1976) A Moviehooker List

Wow, what a fantastic year for horror fans. I don’t know how many lists I’ve written this year already but it doesn’t look like I will be stopping anytime soon. Here’s another one featuring 10 new horrors. Below you’ll find a new list of 10 upcoming horrors. As always, we have a wide variety of … Read more

Heretic Trailer: Hugh Grant Gets His Creep On In New A24 Horror

Heretic trailer - Moviehooker News

Hugh Grant stars in A24’s new horror offering, Heretic and we are so here for it With all of the buzz surrounding Ti West’s Maxxine, it is safe to say that A24 are in their element and choosing the right filmmakers to bring us the best in genre cinema. Now, we have Heretic which shows … Read more

Forgotten Greats NO.5: Shadow of the Vampire

Shadow of the Vampire - Forgotten Greats - Moviehooker

With the release of Robert Eggers’ trailer for Nosfertau, I thought this would be a great time to talk about a forgotten great: Shadow of the Vampire Released in 2000, Shadow of the Vampire is a unique spin on the classic vampire classic Nosferatu. I would describe Shadow of the Vampire as a mockumentary with … Read more

Nosferatu: Trailer Robert Eggers New Gothic Vampire Horror Remake

Nosferatu trailer - Moviehooker

We have been reporting on Nosferatu since its early days of pre-production. Now, we are delighted to be able to share with you the official trailer  When the news of Eggers doing a remake of Nosferatu started to spread, it left many “fans” very unhappy. Hey, I am not singling out Eggers here, these so-called fans, those … Read more

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